• Sustainable Ballard Festival

    Sustainable Ballard Festival

    Save this Saturday September 19th for the Sustainable Ballard Festival. Learn about this wonderful neighborhood full of fun and surprises when you participate in one of the more community minded festivals in the City of Seattle.

    In the heart of downtown Ballard, right across the street from the famous Ballard Library with it’s crazy wild green roof and the much acclaimed Green Fire Campus, this festival is a great starting point for your own green building tour. So many Built Green Projects (a main sponsor of the festival) right there within walking distance. Indeed some consider Ballard to the be center of green building in King County, even Washington State.

    I’ll be there handing out devices to help green your home that one can use even if you aren’t a homeowner. Water saving and energy savings items to help your live more comfortably and a little lighter on the land while saving water. A limited number of Chico bags will be available too.

    While you are at it, I can give you a comparative market analysis on the spot, subject to a home visit for a more accurate valuation if you wish. Marketing a green home for sale is different that standard construction and I specialize in not leaving that money on the table. Learn how to get the most bang for the buck when marketing your home.

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    Rain or shine this is a festival not to be missed no matter where you live.







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