• Greenwood Car Show in Phinneywood

    Greenwood Car Show in Phinneywood

    Greenwood and Phinney Ridge are hosting their annual Car Show this weekend, June 27th. The No-Parking signs are out on the streets on top of  Phinney Ridge and the weather looks like it will be cooperating for one the best attended events in the area. The Greenwood Car Show planners have done a great job year after year. While it’s not part of the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association, they do work closely with this other amazing neighborhood resource to help make Phinney Ridge and Greenwood dynamic, connected  and fun-filled communities.










    If you don’t have a huge interest in cars (like me) I still suggest you check it out. You might be surprised at what you might find. Some of my favorites have been matching classic cars with matching classic travel trailers, cutting edge electric cars, and just plain beautifully restored cars right out of my childhood years. The crowd watching alone is worth the price of admission (free) grease monkeys, rockabilly babes, family and  automobile enthusiasts all converge on the neighborhood for swapping stories, showing off, listing to music, eating and drinking at local establishments.

    Stay tuned and I will post some pictures of my favorites from this year’s show. If y.ou want to know about open houses in the neighborhood this weekend, please let me know.


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