• Phinney Neighborhood Association Home Design and Remodel Fair

    Phinney Neighborhood Association Home Design and Remodel Fair

    Also known as the Phinney Home Show. The Phinney Neighborhood Association Home Design and Remodel Fair is the antidote to the massive Seattle Home Show in SODO. Expect to see local companies and even some from Portland that more align closer to what many people on Phinney Ridge want from a contractor and service provider. That is, a small locally based companies using sustainable products and concepts in the design and execution of their remodeling projects. This show is an excellent opportunity to chat with business owners, ask questions and see what possibilities exist for your own upcoming remodel that maybe wasn’t on the radar before.

    Phinney Home Show

    A great opportunity for ideas or to get questions answered

    Interested in the Passive House movement? Want to know the basics of this time tested model of home building? Check out Jay Lazerwitz’s presentation of this kind of design in the afternoon. If you can’t make it to the presentation stop by and visit him at the NW Eco Building Guild’s booth in the blue building. He’s an artist and an architect who isn’t new to the green building bandwagon, as an “early adopter” he will be sharing his knowledge with fair attendees.

    Want to know how to grow healthier vegetables while saving money on your water and sewer bill, and as a by-product help the water quality of the Puget Sound? Seattle’s Rainwise program will also be presenting information on how to be a better steward of our natural environment and saving money at the same time.

    Yours truly will be at the NW Ecobuilding Guild booth promoting the 4th annual NW Green Home Tour 2014. More site hosts are signing up for this great opportunity to showcase sustainable building practices and materials as this goes to press. There is still time for sponsors and site hosts to sign up for this great event but not for much longer. Learn more about this great event at the Phinney Home Fair as many of the participants are also part of the tour.

    Want to know what the Phinney Ridge Housing Market is doing?   PR@cooperjacobs.com

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