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Classic Phinney Ridge Home, Now’s Your Chance…

Classic Phinney Ridge Home, Now’s Your Chance…

What do you think of when you think of buying a Phinney Ridge Home? If it’s a classic Craftsman bungalow with the old world charm and ready-to-go modern updates, now’s your chance. Better yet it is located on one of the most gracious, desirable streets on the Ridge. Sounds good? Wait there is more, take a read.


Great light in this home on a tree lined street

Great light in this home on a tree lined street

Two generously sized bedrooms and a beautifully remodeled bath, in a classic black and white tiled finishes complete with a beautiful vanity with a laundry shoot to the basement laundry area. Newer siding, newer windows, and deck.

Black and White Classic Bath

New with a nod to the past this beautiful bathroom even has a surprise laundry shoot to laundry below.

This home is perfect for everyday living or for a Thanksgiving family gathering. The good-sized living room with the pony wall bookcases that lead to the surprisingly large dining room can hold the whole extended family. All on the 101 year old wooden floors.

Dining Room in 101 year old home

Big enough to host the whole family, this dining room has the century old original floors and push button mother-of-pearl light switches.

The show-stopper newly remodeled kitchen harkens back to the original styles in a Craftsman home, only better  than the original kitchen with all the beautiful details and loads of counter space, cabinets and modern conveniences.

Thanksgiving sized kitchen

Everything is done, what a beautiful result with plenty of room for storage and kitchen helpers

Farm sink, check

Flush frame cabinets, check

Tiled back splash, check

Soapstone solid stone counters, check

Mother-of-pearl push button electrical switches, check

Period light fixtures, check

Mr. Ed (dutch) door, check

Practical kitchen work space with room for the Sous Chef or two, check

Classic Black and White Kitchen

Plenty of storage and counter space here

All this on the winding tree lined street leading directly to Woodland Park and the Zoo. Steps to great dining and shops, and just a few blocks south to Sunset Place Park, of the great little known parks on the ridge. Perfect for unwinding on a beautiful fall evening while the sun slips behind the Olympic Mountains over the lights of Ballard below.  After sunset you can stroll back to your great private backyard with a natural gas plumbed fire pit awaiting you to top off the last of the temperate days of fall.

Low maintenance yard

Newer deck and a hard plumbed fire pit for the cool fall evenings

This is the quintessential Phinney Ridge home, competition will be fierce for this charmer, as the buyer’s agent, I invite you to take a look before the Public Open houses I’ll be holding open this weekend. Want to be the winning bid? I can help you craft an irresistible offer.


Sustainable Ballard Festival

Sustainable Ballard Festival

Save this Saturday September 19th for the Sustainable Ballard Festival. Learn about this wonderful neighborhood full of fun and surprises when you participate in one of the more community minded festivals in the City of Seattle.

In the heart of downtown Ballard, right across the street from the famous Ballard Library with it’s crazy wild green roof and the much acclaimed Green Fire Campus, this festival is a great starting point for your own green building tour. So many Built Green Projects (a main sponsor of the festival) right there within walking distance. Indeed some consider Ballard to the be center of green building in King County, even Washington State.

I’ll be there handing out devices to help green your home that one can use even if you aren’t a homeowner. Water saving and energy savings items to help your live more comfortably and a little lighter on the land while saving water. A limited number of Chico bags will be available too.

While you are at it, I can give you a comparative market analysis on the spot, subject to a home visit for a more accurate valuation if you wish. Marketing a green home for sale is different that standard construction and I specialize in not leaving that money on the table. Learn how to get the most bang for the buck when marketing your home.

Seattle Real Estate Market

Seattle Real Estate Facts


Rain or shine this is a festival not to be missed no matter where you live.







Greenwood Car Show in Phinneywood

Greenwood Car Show in Phinneywood

Greenwood and Phinney Ridge are hosting their annual Car Show this weekend, June 27th. The No-Parking signs are out on the streets on top of  Phinney Ridge and the weather looks like it will be cooperating for one the best attended events in the area. The Greenwood Car Show planners have done a great job year after year. While it’s not part of the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association, they do work closely with this other amazing neighborhood resource to help make Phinney Ridge and Greenwood dynamic, connected  and fun-filled communities.










If you don’t have a huge interest in cars (like me) I still suggest you check it out. You might be surprised at what you might find. Some of my favorites have been matching classic cars with matching classic travel trailers, cutting edge electric cars, and just plain beautifully restored cars right out of my childhood years. The crowd watching alone is worth the price of admission (free) grease monkeys, rockabilly babes, family and  automobile enthusiasts all converge on the neighborhood for swapping stories, showing off, listing to music, eating and drinking at local establishments.

Stay tuned and I will post some pictures of my favorites from this year’s show. If y.ou want to know about open houses in the neighborhood this weekend, please let me know.


Annual “The Big One” Art Walk For Phinneywood (Phinney Ridge and Greenwood)

Annual “The Big One” Art Walk For Phinneywood (Phinney Ridge and Greenwood)

It’s May in Phinneywood and that mean its’s the annual celebration of art on the ridge and on the bog.  Phinneywood has a great art walk every month on the first Friday/Saturday of the month, however “The Big One” is the focus of the kickoff of the warmer months.  The great thing about the art walk is one never knows what one will find.

Phinney Ridge, Greenwood Art Tour

Check out the upcoming art walk in Phinneywood

Paintings, drawings, sculpture, mixed media, performance art, even art with food. Phinney Ridge and Greenwood are eclectic neighborhoods with lots of surprises. From the Phinney Ridge Community Center’s Art Gallery, to the Aerialist’s school to a piano event, there is truly something for everybody. Artisan beer, artisan pie, artisan coffee and pizza, no matter what skill set you admire, you will find it here. This is why it’s called Art Up and Chow Down. Check out Nancy Guppy’s recent Art Zone highlighting our special neighborhood.


Sorry no image but click the file for a preview of the neighborhood.

The Big One, is Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th and it’s your chance to do Phinneywood.  See you there.

Phinney Ridge Real Estate Market

Phinney Ridge Real Estate Market

Like the rest of the better neighborhoods in Seattle, our Real Estate market is white hot. No rosie glasses, Realtor-speak here, so don’t roll your eyes please. In case you haven’t been out much; Multiple offers, $100,000 or more over asking price on nice or not so updated homes. Damn-the-Appraiser cash offers. Secret dealings double-end deals (less than 1 day on market, really?) and not giving a listing full exposure and the highest value rising to the top.  What this all means if you are a seller and moving out of the area, every Real Estate Agent in the city  wants to know you. If you a seller and wanting to stay in the area, like all the other dumb-struck buyers, you will have your work cut out for you. So be prepared.

Real Estate Phinney Ridge

Recent Phinney Ridge Single Family Home Sales





















One might think this is great market for contingent offers as a way to move up the property ladder, easy to sell a home and buy and new one right? Well maybe, but it’s no slam dunk or cake walk, take your pick for a colloquialism. You will likely being competing against  three, four or twenty other offers on your new purchase. The price will climb, and of course in that mix there is usually someone that doesn’t need to worry about an appraiser, aka a cash buyer. The seller might want you to pre-inspect and remove the contingency from your offer, and you know if you refuse, the next buyer drop the inspection gladly. Or the seller might stipulate to wait for mutual acceptance before your inspection. Knowing there are all those other buyers standing behind  you in line that didn’t win the bidding process, are you really going to ask the seller to fix the plumbing problems or replace the foggy, failed double-paned windows?

Then imagine the poor buyers who sold their home in Iowa City for $150,000 thinking with all that cash, they will find a fantastic craftsman in their new hometown of Seattle. They  arrive and learn it might get them a studio basement  apartment turned condo on Queen Anne or Capitol Hill . . . . maybe. That is if they don’t spend all their savings on rent in the meantime while missing out in multiple offers.

Phinney Ridge homes

Chart showing the asking prices vs. the sold prices in recent sales in Phinney Ridge





















Even more than before Phinney residents are staying put, remodeling their existing homes and buying homes from neighbors. If you think it’s hard to find a home on Phinney Ridge or any other close-in neighborhood you can see why. There is a real shortage of “supply” of sellers and an abundance of buyers, moving here from all over the world.

So what’s the answer? Use a full-service, full-time Realtor that knows the area, works evenings when needed, doesn’t pass you down through a team,  like an assembly line. A Real Estate Agent who scours the NWMLS and sets you up on their same search, knows the neighbors and  can be there the minute the keybox goes on. Someone who gets more  word of mouth referrals than google ad words clicks and doesn’t depend on big data for their business. In other words, old-fashioned service and knowledge.  The big Z, T, R, might have a lot of data, but rarely is it the right information. If you don’t know the difference  well, maybe should should work with someone who doesn’t have 40 contracts going on at once but still has some ethical tricks up their sleeve.

If you happen to be a seller, well how do you do? My name is Kim Mulligan, I am a 30 year resident and would love to get to know you better……….seriously. It’s part of my job to be easy to find. You found me here, this is just one of several places someone might find your home for sale.


Seattle Summer Streets in Phinneywood

Seattle Summer Streets in Phinneywood

Kim Mulligan Seattle Realtor picture

See the street transformed for a day

This Saturday the annual Summer streets. The pedestrian-centric event promotes the whole family to leave their cars behind and walk the North Greenwood strip from  N 76th to North of N 85th. There will be family friendly activities and and vendors will be pitching their wares in fun ways.

This event is sponsored by Seattle Department of Transportation in conjunction with the PNA Biz Association.


Phinney Neighborhood Association Home Design and Remodel Fair

Phinney Neighborhood Association Home Design and Remodel Fair

Also known as the Phinney Home Show. The Phinney Neighborhood Association Home Design and Remodel Fair is the antidote to the massive Seattle Home Show in SODO. Expect to see local companies and even some from Portland that more align closer to what many people on Phinney Ridge want from a contractor and service provider. That is, a small locally based companies using sustainable products and concepts in the design and execution of their remodeling projects. This show is an excellent opportunity to chat with business owners, ask questions and see what possibilities exist for your own upcoming remodel that maybe wasn’t on the radar before.

Phinney Home Show

A great opportunity for ideas or to get questions answered

Interested in the Passive House movement? Want to know the basics of this time tested model of home building? Check out Jay Lazerwitz’s presentation of this kind of design in the afternoon. If you can’t make it to the presentation stop by and visit him at the NW Eco Building Guild’s booth in the blue building. He’s an artist and an architect who isn’t new to the green building bandwagon, as an “early adopter” he will be sharing his knowledge with fair attendees.

Want to know how to grow healthier vegetables while saving money on your water and sewer bill, and as a by-product help the water quality of the Puget Sound? Seattle’s Rainwise program will also be presenting information on how to be a better steward of our natural environment and saving money at the same time.

Yours truly will be at the NW Ecobuilding Guild booth promoting the 4th annual NW Green Home Tour 2014. More site hosts are signing up for this great opportunity to showcase sustainable building practices and materials as this goes to press. There is still time for sponsors and site hosts to sign up for this great event but not for much longer. Learn more about this great event at the Phinney Home Fair as many of the participants are also part of the tour.

Want to know what the Phinney Ridge Housing Market is doing?


Kim Mulligan Phinney Realtor

For your Phinney Ridge Real Estate Wants Needs and Desires


Phinney Ridge Homes For Sale: Exclusive Inventory Out There

Phinney Ridge Homes For Sale –  Exclusive Inventory:   Low inventory is still the story in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood.  Currently, according to the NWMLS, there are only five Phinney Ridge homes for sale (using the criteria area 705 and neighborhood Phinney Ridge) right now.  These homes range in price from $399,950 to $839,995 with a median list price of $499,950.  The average square footage on these is 2508 square feet. Phinney ridge real estate

There are 6 Pending Phinney Ridge Homes for sale that are in escrow.  This means they have not closed, but do have signed around contracts on them and have gotten past or never had an inspection contingency.  These Phinney Ridge homes range in price from $389,000 to $819,950 with a median Phinney Ridge list price of $619,475 and the average square footage is 1955 square feet.

In addition to the pending Phinney Ridge homes for sale, there is another home on Francis which is pending inspection.  It is listed for $479,900 and is 2230 square feet.

In the last month, 10 Phinney Ridge homes have closed in escrow.  These range in price from $300,000 to $867,500 with a median price of $590,000.   The average square footage on these homes was 2158  square feet.  you can see the full details for this Phinney Ridge Real Estate market update here:  Phinney Ridge Market Update 12202013

What does this data tell us?  As with the rest of the year and in the early months of 2014, inventory is low and anyone interested in selling their Phinney Ridge home should reach out and please let us know how we can help.  We have Phinney Ridge buyers who are looking for homes and every home has its own unique qualities and attributes.  We are excited to learn about your property!

Phinney Folly FiberArts

Phinney Folly and the FiberArts

While walking Bettie the Wonderdog, I encountered a work in progress. The installation seemed to be inviting passerbys to add to the fabric. A kind of metaphor for the rich good neighbor culture that makes up the Phinney Ridge and Greenwood neighborhoods. Sometimes it’s nice to not have CCR’s that would prohibit such whimsical ideas from popping up unexpectedly on parking strips, often the focus of Phinney Folly.


Phinney Homes for Sale

Curbside Loom for the Neighborhood

If you want to live in a neighborhood like this is Seattle with such a rich social fabric, as wonderful as Phinney Ridge is, there are other neighborhoods in the Seattle area with there own kind of personalities. When you buy a home in Seattle, you will have many choices of style, price and neighborhood personality. I pride myself on knowing the ins and out of different areas, often I suggest another neighborhood buyers haven’t considered before. Hello, and yes, you know who you are!

Kim Mulligan Phinney Realtor

For your Phinney Ridge Real Estate Wants Needs and Desires

Phinneywood Summer Streets 2013

Phinneywood Summer Streets 2013

Do you live in Ballard, Greenlake, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge or Fremont? Just walk up to the top the hill this Friday afternoon and you will be a one of the most disorganized gatherings in the city of  Seattle. Of course it is put on by our city government so it’s not too crazy, but it is for the most part a free for all and you don’t know what to expect. It’s part flea market, carnival, craft show,  and it’s interactive and fun for the whole family. People are mostly on foot (or paw) and the street of Greenwood is closed down to traffic. It’s a temporary promenade just for the evening and it is a lot of fun.

It coinscides with the local monthly Art Up and Chow Down, gallery and food walk and the weekly Phinney Farmers Market. Needless to say, there is something for everyone and you are likely to see something you have never seen before.

Friday night fun

If you want to know more about this area of North Seattle, I’m here to help.

Kim Mulligan Phinney Realtor

For your Phinney Ridge Real Estate Wants Needs and Desires